Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

A walk in the park with our friends from reception on the first day of Spring.

For the last few Wednesdays we have been unable to do our weekly ‘Golden Mile’ with our reception buddies because the weather has been so rainy. But this week we had a wonderful walk around the park in the sunshine! A brilliant opportunity to chat and to share with each other what we have been doing in class.

During our Maths lessons this week we have focused on ‘fractions, fractions and more fractions!’ – We have been looking at questions involving fraction of amounts.  We have also revisited our understanding of multiplying and dividing fractions including mixed number fractions and improper fractions. Finally we have been converting fraction to decimals and fractions to percentages, as well as ordering decimals. I think we might be all fractioned out!


During our English sessions this week: We have started to plan and write a recount texts to add to our Y6 Writing Portfolios.  The focus of this work is to write a recount of the Literacy Shed film Alma. The children have been asked to write either in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd person. Our opening few paragraphs are excellent – they really draw the reader into the writing, I can’t wait to see these texts develop over the next week or so.

Our grammar focus this week has been on using apostrophes for possession. We have also completed a timed SATs SPAG and spelling test. Marked them both and analysed the results for gaps in our understanding which we will use to plan for our revision work next week. Ask your children what an indefinite article is.


Please continue to read regularly with your children at home. Encourage them to read a range of genres – including fiction and non-fiction texts. When you read with your child this coming week please concentrate on pace when reading aloud.

During our Science session this week we have returned to the theme of hand washing with Mr Randall. We wrote up last week’s Sneeze zone/hand washing investigation, which involved drawing results tables and bar charts.

Next Week…
We will continue our revision programme – including a couple of mini tests in maths, SPAG and reading. But as a reward, for all our hard work this half term, we can come in our own clothes on Friday if we bring a chocolate treat (an Easter egg would be great) for our food bank.

Have a really enjoyable weekend – I understand the weather man has promised a rain free weekend fingers crossed.