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A trio of Violinist…

This week we have spent time targeting those areas of both maths and English we think we will be tested on next week: Fractions, decimals and percentages, arithmetic using all 4 operations giraffe and reasoning questions in maths: Word types and sentence structure in SPAG: Inference and deduction questions in reading.

It hasn’t been all SATs this week – we have found time to have fun doing other butterfly things including swimming, PE, music with Mr Benson and a walk and play (dodging the rain!) in the park with our friends in Y2. This morning in our celebration assembly we also had the pleasure of listening to Evie, Adelle and Amika perform a piece of music from their grade 1 and 2 vole violin exams… they were all fantastic.


Here is a copy of the SATs timetable for next week:


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
SPAG Paper 1





Reading Test






Mathematics 1 Arithmetic



Mathematics 3 Reasoning



SPAG Paper 2






  Mathematics 2 Reasoning










Please can you make sure your children arrive in school by 8.55am if they are not coming to the SATs breakfast club or by 8.20am if they are having their breakfast at school – (SATs breakfast club details were sent out in a letter yesterday 09/05/19) Please can you make sure that they also have a water bottle with them every day next week. After each test we will continue with a bit of revision targeting the next test. As you can see from the timetable there are no test on Friday. To mark the end of SATs the children have been invited to come in their own clothes on Friday. We will also go for a walk down to the river for an ice cream.


Homework this week: There is none! Unless you count having fun and catching up on sleep homework. As I said in the Sat’s breakfast letter over the next few days I would like the children to relax and catch up with themselves. They have worked EXREMELY hard over the last few months and deserve a bit of ‘down time’ before next week.

Thank you for your continued support. Please have a lovely calm restful weekend and remember ‘Don’t worry be happy’ everything is going to be great next week.

PS I hope you managed to find the three hidden nonsense words in this blog!