Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

A little bit of this and a little bit of that…

At the beginning of this week we spent time completing our WW2 history projects ready for publishing in a magazine that will be put into the Chester archives – including a visit from Mr MacMahon who brought his father’s World War 2 medals in for us to see. Thank you Mr MacMahon

We were very happy that the sun decided to make an appearance this week as we were able to spend time outside of the classroom with our reception friends and we were able to have our first rain free forest school session – This week we made string out of nettles! Continued our wood carvings and of course made rope swings (how high can you go)?

In addition we have also enjoyed being very musical and dramatic during our Billy Elliot rehearsals – the ‘cast’ are really pulling things together – super acting and singing already.

During our Maths lessons this week we have focused on puzzles and problem solving with an emphasis on trial and error techniques. It was lovely to see the children sharing strategies for finding answers.


During our English sessions this week: We have completed our written responses to our history project – including a descriptive passage from photographs taken in the 1940’s and 1950’s.



During our Science sessions this week: We have been looking at variation and inheritance. Our work focused on inherited and environmental characteristics that we each get from our parents. Using Mr Men and Little Misses we created our own Little Mr men and Little Misses babies!



Please check in your child’s bag – they have been set formal homework this week as well as their ongoing Billy Elliot script memorizing

Have a really lovely weekend – NO RAIN FORECAST!?