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A car journey through time

This week, Year Two have been learning all about the changes in transport throughout history. We had a look at the first car and compared it to modern cars. The first car could only go 4mph! The first petrol car only went 13mph! Even Mr. Sparks drives faster than that. We noticed that a lot of the materials in the two cars were very different, which led us to think about which materials would be best for an airplane.

We watched a video of a spaceship taking off and talked about the different forces that were working to moved the spaceship and trying to pull it down. We then talked about how if the material creates lots of friction, it will slow the spaceship down. We decided to have a look at a plane and decide which material would be best. We decided on wood for a small plane because it is light and metal for a big plane because it can be made lighter and is strong.

We have been learning about suffixes this week and how we can add them to the end of a word to change the meaning of the word. For example: love – lovely – loveless – lovelier – lover – lovingly – loved – loveliest. All very nice!

In maths, we have been adding and taking away all sorts of number up to 100. On Friday, we made our own numicon to practice learning about odd and even numbers.