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Hello Everyone,

A warm welcome back to our weekly Year 5 blog, which as you know gives me the opportunity to report on the highlights of our learning week.

And what a brilliant week of learning it has been! The pinnacle of which I have to say was our trip today to the Imperial War Museum, Salford. Many of you may have heard of and indeed visited the famous IWM in London and would be forgiven for assuming that its Northern cousin might be slightly less impressive. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth; the IWM North is quite simply stunning and, from top to bottom, will leave you deeply impressed even after a short visit. Packed full of workshops, interactive displays and emotive audio and visuals, the museum ensured that the children had a history trip of the highest quality today. Please see Twitter for more photos!

In other news, our maths learning is progressing very strongly, with the children now considering – when faced with a calculation such as an addition or subtraction (or both!) – whether a ‘written method’ eg column addition, is actually the most effective method to use, or whether they could simply work it out in their head. For example, consider a question like 10,000 minus 9,650.  Clearly, it is faster to count up from 9,650 to 10,000 in order to find the number difference, instead of writing 10,000 across the page and 9,650 below it, then taking away the digits in the ones column first etc. In golfing or snooker terms, players would call it making the best ‘shot selection’ and in maths it is no different: you must use a method that gets you to the correct answer as quickly as possible. We will work at this much more throughout the year, but if you could have a conversation along these lines at home, it would really help to strengthen the children’s mathematical thinking and therefore learning.

Finally, just a couple of quick notes, firstly to say that raffle tickets have gone out today to help with fundraising for Christmas; thank you for all your support. Secondly, that spellings will be sent home on Monday for practice leading up to next week’s test.

Have a great last November weekend,

Mr Lee