Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

Evacuees & Spies

What an exciting week in Year 1!  We have been evacuated, hid from bombs, discovered what would be the best material for black out curtains, cooked a delicious ration stew and even found a spy in the school!!

Year 1 have been learning all about World War Two and what happened to children at the time. We have learned about why children were evacuated from big cities, what life was like for an evacuee and were even lucky enough to ask questions to a lady who lived in Chester – in our school! – during the war. We made evacuee labels, gas masks and gas boxes.


Year 1 also discovered that there was a spy in school! Someone who was giving away all of our secrets. After some fantastic code cracking, Year 1 were able to figure out the name of the spy, Mrs. Cowley! Obviously, when accused, Mrs. Cowley denied everything, but eventually we got her to crack and admit she was the spy.


With the help of Mrs. Bargery, Year 1 were able to make a ration stew. Filled with all the delicious vegetables that children during the war would have available to them, such as potatoes, carrots, cabbage and tomatoes. It was yummy!


On Friday, Year 1 were able to go to the Grosvenor Museum and get some hands on experience of what life was like during the war, especially for an evacuee. The got the make cloth rugs, see an evacuee’s bag and sort food that was and wasn’t available at the time. We learned that some children during the war had never seen a banana and when they first saw one, tried eating the skin!


Friday afternoon was a bit scary! There was a really loud air siren that warned us all that bombs were being dropped. We all had to hide under the tables and wait for the all clear. Then we got our gas masks and headed outside to be evacuated to safety.

It has been such a fun week and Year 1 have thoroughly enjoyed being fully immersed in 1940s culture. This was a week to remember!