Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

Double, double, toil & trouble

The week started off so nice and quietly. Year 1 did their usual phonics lessons, maths and even some numbers in French. Then, WOOSH! A spell book appeared in our classroom. It had all sorts of gross spells in it, like; Witch Stew, Toe Nail Tacos, Nose Growing Broth and lots more. However, there was one spell about how to build a tower that was ripped and missing some of the ingredients and instructions. Year 1 decided that they were going to try finish it themselves. They came up with their own ingredients and instructions for this magical potion.

The witch has appeared all over school! In windows and doors, in Mr. Sparks’ PowerPoint presentations and even in the office. Many of the staff have come under suspicion. Mrs. Bargey, Miss. Wong and Mrs. Gill have all been accused (Mrs. Gill did say she enjoys a worm sandwich, so she’s suspect number 1). The witch even appeared in our maths lesson and demanded we plan a tower for her. Year 1 had to go onto the yard and measure out a 20m tall and 5m wide tower. We decided to try create some of our own potions. There were disappearing potions, love potions and even a ‘Grow 100 Miss. Bryans’ potion.

It has been an exciting week! Hopefully next week is calmer…




We are having a special history week in conjunction with the Grosvenor Museum. We are going to learn all about World War Two and our school during this period. We will be make 1940s toys, learn about evacuees and try to crack some codes. On Friday 14th, we will be making a visit to the Grosvenor museum to present what we have learned which will then be turned into a book to be displayed at the museum. On this day, we would like the children to be dressed in authentic (or as close as you can) 1940s clothes. Below are some examples of what a child from the 1940s could look like.