Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

5…4…3…2…YEAR 1!!!

This week in Year 1…


This week we have been working on bigger and smaller numbers. Mr. Sparks gave us a huge list of numbers and we have to put them into the correct order from smallest to largest. He also got us to figure out what number he was thinking of using some clues. We’ve worked really hard in maths this week!


Today was the day we launched our rockets!! We designed them last week, built them this week and launched them today! It was out of this world! The rockets almost reached the moon, but luckily landed back in the school yard. Mr. Sparks didn’t enjoy getting soaked.



Our new favourite game is Phonics Duck Duck Goose! We each had a sound that Mr. Sparks would shout out at random and we had to jump up and beat someone with the same sound around the circle. We also played memory with our sounds along with all our other activities.

Year 1’s class assembly

WOW! Year 1 were so fantastic. They have worked so hard all week preparing for it and did so well on the day. They were very brave standing up in front of the whole school and the parents.


Next week…

We are travelling under the sea with the famous explorer Jacques Cousteau. We are going to see what is at the bottom of the ocean, what life we can find on the way and how explorers have made the journey under the sea.