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This week in year 5…

The year 5 blog has been written by Lydia and Thesha this week…

Good afternoon Grosvenor Park!

This week in year 5 English we’ve focused on the book King Kong, we have been describing King Kong’s emotions and actions, and arranged some pictures of the story in order.

On Thursday we had a unique visit from an actual poet, named Ash Dickinson. He explained to us how to write Japanese Haiku’s (a poem with the first line having 5 syllables, the second line 7 syllables and the third line 5 again). We also wrote a sense poem describing an area that we know very well.

In science we investigated how to make a boat, made out of corrugated plastic and we tested them out in tubs of water, we discussed how the speed of the boat changed when we adjusted the number of turns on the elastic band (the propeller).

In maths we subtracted and added decimals up to a whole and then crossed it.

In music, we finished our compositions on a Maya sacrifice and we filled in a work diary of each of our compositions explaining how we played our different instruments.

Finally, in R.E we discussed why Christians may wish to be confirmed, many of us thought it was because being a Christian can just be part of your heart.

Thank you for reading Year 5s school blog!