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Year 4! ??? Round of applause for our parents, who are excelling at home learning ??




Year 4, have used nature to inspire them to write poetry this week, firstly they  created a spider diagram while standing outside. They used their senses to record what they could hear, see, smell and feel. They then used this bank of words to write a four line rhyming poem. They were then set the challenge of writing a poem about the here and now, about how they feel in the current situation.


This week the children have been focusing on the 11 and 12 times tables. Firstly, using the pictorial to show understand. By the end of the week the children have completed word problems.

Religious Education

The children have shown understanding of the Easter story through a comprehension task, All children have had a copy of Easter prayers.


Following on from their water compositions, the children have created musical instruments at home using water to for musical effect. The children used containers or junk/recyclable materials found at home. They continued to describe the dynamic range of their instruments, considering the duration of their instrument. Describing is it forte/piano, does the sound last for a short time or a long time? the children have emailed video evidence.