Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

Stories in the sun with Reception.

We have enjoyed reading stories to our reception children this week, the children then let the reception children retell the story with the pictures. We also visited the archaeological dig in The Grosvenor Park, this was very interesting and they asked lots of questions about the British Civil War. Happy The children even had a look around and found a piece of bone. We watched as the Archeologist used tools to excavate the Roman road that has been worked on for three years, a family day will be held on Thursday.


This week we have identified modal verbs in sentences, also writing our own sentences using model verbs indicating certainty and possibility. We have used dictionaries to find the meanings of words then used them in a sentences. On Friday we have used comprehension skills to scan the text to show greater understanding of inference.


We have successfully mastered adding and subtracting fractions with related denominator. The class all enjoyed learning these methods. The homework is based on this week’s work.


We have been exploring the reproductive system of a plant, the children have labelled a diagram of a plant and used information cards hidden around the classroom to discover what each part does.

Have a great week in the sun!

Mrs Foulkes