Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

Making Changes

Year 4 have made an amazing start to this term, even under the very difficult circumstances. Everyone has been really engaged and zooming through the work.

In maths we have been learning about multiplying two digit numbers by a one digit number through partitioning. This has made it nice and simple!

In English, we have been learning some descriptive writing skills and applying them to our lonely polar bear, Leaf. We did a shared write on Google Docs, which was a lot of fun and great to see everyone sharing ideas.

In our topic about climate change, we have been learning about where our energy comes from, how much we use and what we can do to reduce our electricity usage.

We also had a photography competition, with Abi V winning with her awesome picture of Chili the guinea pig.

Mr. Benson has been keeping the music going in our class, with a great lesson about using music to describe a scene. Carmen took this to the next level and create a song on the guitar and the piano!

Year 4 also got to take part in an online Q&A with Chester FC captain, George Glendon, learning about his career and what it takes to be a professional footballer.