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I can cook… with year three.

We have had another busy week in the year three classroom.

On Monday, in English, we put the finishing touches to our instructions how to make a jam sandwich. We then spent Tuesday morning presenting our instructions in the style of a cookery show. The butter to bread ratio was a little excessive in some examples and that is why I have set this week’s homework. Making a sandwich is an essential life skill, otherwise the children will not make it through their first week of university. The video clips will be available for you to watch at parents evening, but here is a small example…

In maths we have mastered both written and mental strategies for addition. Working hard to find the most appropriate strategy for the question. This is reflected in homework over the weekend.

World Book Day on Thursday was fantastic fun, we were able to show off our costumes and discuss our favourite characters. I would also like to say a huge well done to the children who worked so hard to get their 500 words competition entries in. Fingers crossed we might have a winner!