Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

Dear Reception Class…

On Tuesday afternoon the children discovered a hidden basket of surprises all connected to our next key literacy text. They were really intrigued to find a toy wolf, a red cape, some cupcake cases, flour, butter, sugar and eggs. After finding the red cape some of the children correctly guessed that the basket had come from Little Red Riding Hood. Hidden underneath the basket was the book ‘Little Red’ which we started explore. The children were fascinated to see that Little Red was the only colourful part of the picture. There were some fantastic reasons for why this was, such as, it was written in the olden days. When the children had listened to the first part of the story they then used the ingredients to make some yummy cakes. They carefully followed the instructions and worked together to weigh the ingredients, stir the mixture and crack the eggs.


In Maths this week, we have focussed on counting on and back from any number up to 20 (and beyond) and counting in our tens to 100.

Thank you so much for all the postcards and letters that have arrived at school. We have all loved listening to what the children have got up to over the half term holiday. On Monday, the children learnt all about what happens when a letter is posted in the mail. They were really impressed with how the machines can recognise and sort letters according to their postcode.  In class they enjoyed making a street of envelope buildings and families which they wrote letters between.

This week, the children all worked in groups, with the support of some lovely Year 5 children, to play a game of Kahoot!. They had to read the question on the screen before answering it using their iPad (similar to fastest finger first on Who wants to be a Millionaire). The children loved seeing how many questions they could get right in a row and who had answered the questions the quickest.

During child initiated play it is great to see so many children still ask for us to play all the music that we played in our class assembly. They change their dancing according to the song that is being played, but I think head banging rock music has to be a favourite.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

The Reception Class Team