Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

Windy walk in Chester

Belgravia had an amazing day in Chester for our trip. We walked to lots of landmarks in Chester and noted them down on our clipboards. The children did fantastic on the day, walking a very long time to discover these different places and their teachers are so proud of them. They did such a good job and after a big walk and play at Grosvenor Park we decided to go for an ice cream. Well done Belgravia another lovely half term!

This week in Belgravia we started to read Superworm. We really enjoyed the story and joined in with some of the book! ‘Hip, hip, hooray for Superworm!’ the children then decided they would like to learn some things about insects and minibeast and have thought about their own questions. Flora wants to know ‘how a ladybird flies’ and Logan asked ‘How do grasshoppers jump?’. When we were playing outside something happened in our classroom, there was rubbish all over the floor. We had a discuss and think it might be that Wizard Lizard has escape the rubbish dump! Miss Oakley is going to check the camera and see who made such a mess in the classroom. What an interesting week back Belgravia!

Belgravia have had an amazing first half term this Autumn. They have made so much progress in just a few short weeks and we are very proud of them. Belgravia had a special surprise on their last week of half term, Paddington finally arrive at school! The excitement when he turned up was hardly contained as the children showed how happy they were to see him. They celebrated on Friday by having a teddy bears’ picnic with him, they played games and showed each other their own teddys from home. Of course it would not have been a proper picnic with Paddington if we did not have his favourite, marmalade sandwiches! We are so glad you had fun Belgravia!

Belgravia have been amazing investigators this week as they explored their learning of animals! We have looked at where animals live and the different habitats we find them in. We discuss why a Giraffe lives in the Savannah and the Shark lives in the Sea. We also talked about why they could not switch habitats! Then we decided to use the information we had to make some Habitat displays, it got very messy but we enjoyed working out what kind of materials would look best in the jungle, under the sea, at the savannah and in a farmyard! Well done Belgravia!