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Reception’s Year 1 Training

As a Reception teacher I am amazed at the level of resilience the children have shown this year throughout lockdown. However they have blown all of that out of the water this week with how beautifully they have adapted to our Year 1 Readiness days! The children did most of their learning at tables in groups and practiced the skills they would need to be ready for their Year 1 classroom. The level of understanding the children showed when learning how to be Year 1 ready made all of their teachers very proud. Well done Reception you are going to be a brilliant Year 1 class!

What an amazing week in Reception! We really enjoyed our Olympic day; combining sports skills with numbers. The children had fun challenging themselves both physically and mathematically to try and win the races we had. All of the children worked really hard and pushed themselves for their team! Super learning Reception!

Here are the results:

1st Foxes

2nd Squirrels

3rd Owls

4th Hedgehogs

… we have been getting up to some exiting shenanigans.

This week’s blog has been written by Evvie and Leah.


This week in English, we have been learning about King Kong! We finished the story, not to spoil it but it was very sad. Anyway, we were set into to two groups to debate a dilemma; one was to convince Denham to stay and capture Kong, the other was to leave unscathed. In the end Denham, AKA Miss. Ellis, chose to leave Kong to be free. We also looked at our model text an answered some comprehension questions about our book King Kong.


This week in maths, we have been learning to add and subtract decimals. One of our starters was counting how many times a golfer said ‘Steve’ and ‘Alan’ and it was pretty challenging.  Finally we used our magnificent maths skills to solve problems.


In science we have been studying science behind the  Titanic, and for this week’s investigation we learnt about the effect of extreme cold water temperatures on fine motor skills. First we completed some tasks without changing any temperatures; we wrote are full name in our best hand writing, we timed how long it would take to build a tower of 10 cubes, one handed, finally we counted our pulse rate per minute. Then we dunked our writing hand into ice cold water for as long as we could no one did it longer than a minute. Then we wrote our names and did a tower again and counted our pulse rate. They were very different and very messy to what we started with. The effect of cold water is reduced fine motor skills, increased Adrenalin and certain death if you were a passenger aboard Titanic.


We worked on a new book this week; Journey to Jo’Burg, it was amazing. We completed a mind map about the things that suggest that the book is from South Africa. Mrs Gill has told us about our new word apartheid . She demonstrated this by separating brown eyes and other eye colours. The brown eyes were treated like angles and the others were treated like a piece of trash. Thankfully for the blue eyed people, it didn’t last long, but it really made us think about the horrible conditions and laws people in South Africa were forces to live with.

This week’s blog has been written by Jonah and Mahar

Good afternoon, Grosvenor Park!

This week in Year 5, we have been doing many assessments and have finished all of them for the rest of the year (well, until September)!

In Science, we made electrical circuits and communicated with each other by using a light/buzzer: it’s called Morse code (a series of dots and dashes sequenced to make an alphabet – you might have heard of it before?). We sent not-so-secret messages to each other via frequencies of light or sound.

In Maths, (as well as completing tests) we subtracted decimals from larger decimals using column subtraction (making sure to put the decimal point in the right place!), and added place holders when needed to make it easier to calculate. We also borrowed from other numbers to get the correct answer.

In English, we formed a word bank for one of the characters in our book King Kong, using the word ‘determined’ to describe him. We used thesauruses to find synonyms to use in future writing.

In Music, we wrote an appraisal about the themes of King Kong (1933) and Kong: Skull Island (2017). We wrote about how it made us feel and the features of the music (tempo, dynamics, etc.).

Tuesday afternoon was a Euro 2021 (a European country football tournament) afternoon; we researched a certain country – Denmark – and designed a football kit for them! We even made delicious Danish pastries!

The year 5 blog has been written by Lydia and Thesha this week…

Good afternoon Grosvenor Park!

This week in year 5 English we’ve focused on the book King Kong, we have been describing King Kong’s emotions and actions, and arranged some pictures of the story in order.

On Thursday we had a unique visit from an actual poet, named Ash Dickinson. He explained to us how to write Japanese Haiku’s (a poem with the first line having 5 syllables, the second line 7 syllables and the third line 5 again). We also wrote a sense poem describing an area that we know very well.

In science we investigated how to make a boat, made out of corrugated plastic and we tested them out in tubs of water, we discussed how the speed of the boat changed when we adjusted the number of turns on the elastic band (the propeller).

In maths we subtracted and added decimals up to a whole and then crossed it.

In music, we finished our compositions on a Maya sacrifice and we filled in a work diary of each of our compositions explaining how we played our different instruments.

Finally, in R.E we discussed why Christians may wish to be confirmed, many of us thought it was because being a Christian can just be part of your heart.

Thank you for reading Year 5s school blog!

Reception have ended the half term on a high as they completed their Superhero training! They are all official Superheroes after sneaking around the school to look for villains, navigating through the lasers, balancing on the bridge and breaking a brick wall to save the day! They all looked amazing in their Superhero costumes and used amazing detective skills when we received a letter in the afternoon. Loki had stolen the cape and the hammer and left them at our school. He told us in the letter that he was jealous of Thor and Superman. So the children, using their compassion, decided to design gadgets for Loki to use. They really showed how being a Superhero isn’t just about saving the day but also being able to help everyone no matter who they are when they have a problem. Well done little Superheroes we are so proud!

This half term we have been learning about the Great Fire of London. The children have enjoyed gaining facts about the events that lead to the fire. We have made period style houses, and eventually during a forest school session we set fire to the houses to watch how fast the fire spread. The children talked about the fire triangle and safety. We also made rolls with Mrs Scard-Jones and enjoyed eating them while watching the episode of Horrible History Fire of London. The week has ended with a recording of a class assembly, so check out our social media.

During Maths we have been consolidating our number bonds to 10.

Have a lovely Half Term

Mrs Foulkes

This week’s blog has been written by Ruby and Rose.


This week in English we have been learning about survival skills and have completed our own survival explanation texts. We have included passive verbs, active verbs, cohesion between paragraphs and drew are own diagrams.


In maths we have been recapping over, mental strategies, written strategies for division and multiplication. We also experimented with a 400 year old tool for multiplying big numbers called Napier’s Bones!


Science this week has been really fun we have been looking at the states of matter and how we can change them! We did lots of experiments on changing the states of matter including, evaporating water from salt, creating a gas to fill up a balloon and melting chocolate with the heat of your mouth.


In P.E we have been doing javelin throws and measuring them for our houses! Some even went over 20m! We have been planning our own lesson which will take place after half term


In music we have been creating our own composition and practicing them over school.


Did you know that the Maya civilization, hundreds of years ago, ate chocolate?  Everyone’s favorite lesson was the food tasting were we tasted some Mayan food. We even tried the game Pok-a-Tok! We are creating a Maya codex, full of information about when, where, and how the Maya’s ate.

Hope you liked year 5’s week!

This week Year 3 took some time out of the classroom to watch the world go by! We sketched the shapes of the clouds that passed us by and imitated the sounds around us with body percussion.


Do you know your platelets from your plasma? Could you distinguish between an aorta and an atrium? Year 6 are currently learning lots about the circulatory system and have focussed our attention initially on the biology of the heart and blood. The heart-like pumps which you can see here revealed so much about the workings of each chamber that we all felt like well-trained medical staff by the end of the lesson! We followed this up by making our own ‘blood’ and using jars, we created sections of vein along which our various blood cells constantly travel.

In writing lessons we are currently focussing on the popular novel Holes by Louis Sachar, which has been a bestseller since winning the 1998 US National Book Award for Young People’s Literature. The plot tells of the plight of Stanley, an unfortunate teenager who finds himself having to dig holes in the desert as a punishment for something he did not do. However, the tale unfolds to add a twist of fate which – possibly – sees his fortunes turn around. We are quite simply gripped by every daily chapter! The writing which the children have been inspired to create as a result of the novel has been extremely pleasing to read and grows from strength to strength every day.

In maths, we have been deepening our ratio skills after having initially developed our fluency at using and calculating everyday ratios. The depth we are now adding includes the use of scale factors and the solving of real-life ratio and proportion problems. Here’s one for you to solve at home: A drink is made using 3 parts orange juice to 2 parts lemonade. Esther makes 1.2 litres of this drink. How much orange juice does she need?* Overall, the children are quickly becoming proficient in this area of maths, especially with their use of reasoning to explain why something is either correct or not. This is very pleasing to see as it shows that they are growing in confidence as they move towards the Year 7 curriculum.

Well done Year 6 for your continued hard work.

The Year 6 Teaching Team


*(Answer: 720 ml)