Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

The Icing on the Cake

What a wonderful Autumn Term it has been so far in Year 6. With our overnight trip on the horizon, we are incredibly excited and have been focussing some of our recent energy on our Archbishop of York Youth Trust ‘Young Leaders Award’. Our current work towards the Award has been to focus on generosity, and more specifically, charity, with the children choosing to take up the challenge of raising money for the popular local animal rescue charity Ark Angels. A cake sale was voted on (pretty much unanimously) as the fundraiser and we then considered a target amount to raise. Discussions in the classroom concluded that we thought it was fair to aim for a sum such as £30, or perhaps even £50 – if we were able to bake and sell well enough. The final results of the sale left both us (and the charity) speechless: a final count of £251.50! What a hugely successful event it was for all those involved and what a great reflection it is of the hard work put in by pupils and parents over the last two weeks. Thank you so much to all who supported the sale.

Before the end of the half term of course, is our team building adventure in Cheshire and we sincerely hope that the weather will be as lovely as it was for the sale and indeed how it has been for most of the week. After the trip, it will be the half term break and as a team (and a school) we can hardly believe where the time has gone already this academic year. What is clear in everyone’s minds though is that it is simply wonderful to be back in school again. The laughter we hear and the learning we see in Reay Class every single day is a pleasure to be a part of and certainly makes being in the Year 6 Teaching Team, in our opinion, the best job in the world!

Mr Lee and Mrs Conde