Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

This week in year 5…

We have been very busy recording our formal reports. Take a look to find out what intriguing discoveries Dr Watson had for Sherlock Holmes in the case of The Hound of the Baskervilles!

The blog this week has been written by Nadia and Anna.

This week in English we have learnt how to write a cliff hanger story. We wrote about the Hound of the Baskervilles it was very interesting. We made our stories exciting by showing not telling what the characters were feeling.

In maths this week we were introduced to mental multiplication and Miss Jones was teaching us we had loads of FUN!

On Tuesday afternoon we went on a walk to look at Victorian buildings in Chester. We even went down one of the steepest streets in the country – it is called St Marys Hill. We plotted the location of Victorian buildings on a map of Chester and sketched some of them too.

On Wednesday we did art with Mrs Cowley, we created mini pieces of art linked to our work on ‘colour’ – focusing on the work of Scottish artist Michael Craig Martin – he is a contemporary artist who uses vibrant colour in his work.  

This week has been Christmas craft crazy!

On Monday we made Milo the Mars Rover (and other science stuff) with Lego WeDo 2.0. This is a special type of Lego that you build using online instructions, you can then code your creation to move, sense and collaborate with other creations. We built a Mars space rover!

On Tuesday we sewed Santa, Rudolf the red nosed reindeer and gingerbread men decorations for the Christmas tree. We were all very good at threading a needle by the end of it!

On Wednesday we used ink, water and a process called marbling to create interesting swirly patterns on paper. We used them to represent the gas planets which we then made into calendars.

On Thursday we presented everything we have learnt this term about space, by encouraging other classes to Run the Solar System. After researching and writing a presentation on each of the plants, we positioned ourselves around the playground (attempting a scaled down version of the actual solar system), groups of children then ran from one planet to the next where we shared our presentations.

Friday has been a blast; games, a movie and lots of sweets!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year, thank you for reading.

This week, the Abbeystead blog has been written by Carmen and is an account of her day at the National Space Center in Leicester.

Having to wake up extra early in the morning resulted in me being very tired on the way there. It was definitely worth it, but one person in particular was really annoying on the bus.

It was a sensational sight when we arrived, and the height of it made me think it was going to topple over! Looking up at the rocket tower, the size was shocking. As soon as we arrived, the man led us straight to the ‘It IS rocket science’ workshop. My favourite experiment had to be the pringle tube rocket, it was extremely loud. We even learnt that Sir Isaac Newton, as well as documenting the laws of motion, invented the cat-flap!

Joyfully, we skipped towards the planetarium. We found it extraordinary and the illusions made it look real.

Our group were really lively and ran around all of the exhibits. We learnt that they used different kinds of spacesuit for different occasions. My favourite floor was the third, where there was a room where you could experience what it was like inside the LEM. In the room next to it, it was made to look like a control room so you could send instructions. There was a camera and a button to send vocal messages to whoever was in the LEM.

At lunch, I ate my salami sandwich straight away, so I could move onto the tasty stuff. I ate my crunchy bar and biscuits, and Alex and Sofia even shared with me some of their pretzels, sushi and white chocolate buttons!

In the giant shop, I bought a 3D notepad, a pen and a sweet (that I ate straight away). Everything there was really cool, but really expensive and I ended up not being able to afford something I really wanted!

On the trip back, I felt even more exhausted. The same child was even more annoying on the way back. We all started singing, “We all live in a yellow submarine!”

This week has been super busy, right from the start…

On Monday

As usual, we had P.E with Mrs. Valentine first thing in the morning in our recently built Sports Hall.  After English ad Maths, it was finally time for our favourite part of a Monday – swimming!  

On Tuesday

We have Collective Worship first thing every Tuesday where we learnt about the Anti-bullying campaign. After that, we had an English lesson where we learnt how to punctuate parenthesis (this is extra information in a sentence). After break, it was time for Maths. We have started looking at column subtraction, which is a bit tricky when you have to borrow! After lunch, we conducted a scientific experiment looking at air-resistance and surface area. We made different sized spinning helicopters and looked to see which one hit the ground first.

On Wednesday

After Collective Worship, we had English where we started planning our final piece of writing, inspired by our book FArTHER. After playtime it was more column subtraction – it is getting a bit easier now!

On Thursday

We have forest school in the morning with Mr. Holland and at forest school, we made snowflakes out of V-shaped sticks that we collected in Grosvenor Park. When we got back from forest school, it was Lunchtime, when we got back from lunch we call it an upside down day because we have English and Maths in the afternoon. Eventually, it was time to go home.

On Friday

Today we wore pyjamas’ to school to raise money for Children in Need. Year 6 also put on a cake sale! As we were already wearing our pyjamas, we felt we deserved and afternoon nap. Unfortunately, Mrs Gill made us do even more work!

Year 3 have been creating their very own Stone Age style jewellery using salt dough and string. They have used research to develop and design a functional piece of jewellery that is fit for purpose.