Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

In English this week we have been gathering ideas from around the classroom to help when we are writing our own setting description. We have been focusing on show not tell and similes to make our writing more interesting to the reader. Also we have been collecting vocabulary and sentences from our guided reader lesson to put into our English work

In maths we have moved onto subtraction, where we have been using a variety of methods to solve our problems e.g. formal method (column subtraction) number line and place value disks. On Friday we had a practical lesson, where we used a variety of different equipment to represent four digit numbers.

In science we have been learning about food chains. We made a poster to reflect this information showing the different environments e.g. polar, rainforest and river. Using the scientific language producer, consumer, carnivore and herbivore.

Religious education this week has been the focus on the feelings of the characters in the story of the Centurions servant. They have produced a piece of art work which will be entered in to local competition.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Foulkes